Breakbot // Interview

Uploaded on Monday 22 August 2011


Young promoted.
Like Jesus, but also shy. The young dj and producer Breakbot just be "draft" by the label EdBanger. To mark the occasion, he released a new EP, "Baby I'm Yours" 4 tracks of which 2 are remixes. Known mainly on music streaming sites (or illegal download) is an entrance into the "music business" for this old graphic designer and filmmaker who lives in his music only a few months. Talking with him, everything seems simple. But do not be fooled by his shyness, he viciously sense of groove. Besides, a man who finds that "Waters of Nazareth" Justice is like the soul can only have right.
As it does not show his face too usual, we went to rob him our goal in the eyes. And we were also to his "release party" at the club in 1979. And as we hope to make a custom, we went there with Grandcrew, specialists in live recordings on the web. Because two is better.


Language: French

Length: 4min

Country: France

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