Breckenridge Ballpark Pub: Beer & Baseball!

Uploaded on Sunday 29 November 2009


In honor of the World Series, Mark and Jimmy make another stop in Denver at the Breckenridge Ballpark Pub, the original Denver brewing space of the Breckenridge Brewery - obviously these guys started up in the mountains of Colorado, but once they arrived in Denver in 1992, this place was home - until the Taj Mahal of Colorado baseball went up across the street. Now, it's an amazing Palace of Beer featuring all of Breckenridge's fantastic brews, baseball fans, amazing food, and great folks like our new friend Todd Thibault and of course the one and only Captain Earthman. Join Mark and Jimmy for a thrill-ride through the connection between: BEER and BASEBALL!


- Special thanks to Breckenridge and Todd Thibault for their incredible hospitality. You guys are the best.


Language: English

Length: 4:25

Country: United States