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The Palawan Butterfly Garden is one of the dreamiest places to visit in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Needless to say, butterflies are the most beautiful, delicate, and angelic insects, like tiny fairies fluttering. To see so many colorful butterflies flying freely in a garden is quite a treat.
Located at 27 Bunk House Road, Santa Monica, Puerto Princesa, the Palawan butterfly garden is just a small garden with a simple façade. There is nothing fancy at the exterior but inside, it could be magical. Walking through the garden with butterflies of different colors and sizes fluttering around you, resting on your shoulders, and kissing the equally colorful flowers gives you a feeling as though you just stepped inside a magical, fairy-tale land.Butterfly Garden is a place where you can observe and interact with different species of butterflies as well as flowering plants. If you are lucky, you can see butterflies emerging from their pupae (yey!). Aside from butterflies, they also have a small collection of insects and reptiles. Recently they added a tribal village to their attractions showcasing the culture of the Palau’an, an indigenous group in the province.Dragonflies also freely fly along. There is a hidden lover’s bench and a mini lagoon. At the entrance is a video presentation explaining the life cycle of the butterfly, which is nothing short of a miracle in Nature. The presentation is ideal and very educational for visiting students. The garden is a tiny representation of Palawan’s lush mountain foliage where tons of butterfly species thrive. The Palawan Butterfly Garden houses species that are unique in Southeast Asia.

This humble but popular garden was established by Roy Rodriguez, who used to be a tour guide in Palawan. He was said to have had a hard time whenever tourists, especially Japanese tourists, asked to see butterflies. There was a time when Roy took a group up the mountains to see just one butterfly fluttering about after waiting for hours.

Today, everyone wanting to see butterflies in abundance in Puerto Princesa knows where to go. The Palawan Butterfly Garden is only a tricycle ride away from any point in the city. It is open from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Admission fee is PHP50 (US$1.13).


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