Calculation Impasse

Uploaded on Sunday 19 January 2014


Over the course of many conversations it appears to us that many can discuss and even lend credence to a prophecy known only thru uncertain translations. There is a variety of descriptions of current theories related to understanding the fabric of the universe, its beginnings, or how it will end.
With Calculation Impasse, we have referenced basic quantum mechanical theories on the actual creation of all known matter, with its attendant physical laws as well as all organic life as we know and perceive it.
We are a species that can hardly understand its own existence, yet we have the capability of claiming knowledge of the means of our demise. While being unable to truly understand or agree on a beginning, we have the amazing ability to declare we know how it will end.
Calculation Impasse was created on site with preconceived elements in fabric and video; communicating ideas as both elements are made, thus making the construction spontaneous yet controlled to fulfill the vision previously determined.
Calculation Impasse was created by Jason Feltrope and Michael Wyshock for the Sky is Falling exhibition curated by Alan Baer at the Woodstock Byrdcliff Guild Art Center in New York, October 19- December 2, 2012.


Language: Music

Length: 9:30

Country: United States