Calligraphy Time: Find Your Gift

Uploaded on Thursday 22 June 2017


"Find your gift and use it."

Today's calligraphy video is about the devotional quote that I had read this morning. Today's Friday, thanks God and we are bound for Bohol tonight. This was actually postponed but the original plan was two weeks ago. This postponement was because of my hospitalization but gladly, I am okay now and I am totally fine with traveling.

Going back to the calligraphy, the gift that this quote is referring to is about your skills and capabilities in a specific community or if you are part of a church, your skills or gifts should be used. There are different gifts that one has and each individual have it, some people may think they don't have this skill but they are capable of it but have not really discover it themselves.

So this is what this quote relays to us that one should discover, find and seek for what gift he has in him, may it be singing, serving, preaching, giving, leading or whatever that might be even cleaning at the church is also a gift!

When one has the courage to find his or her gift, I believe he is more willing to use it for a greater purpose.

The video here shows how I created the calligraphy quote. I usually start with the outline using a pencil. I have to make sure that the lines aren't that visible so it won't be obvious once I layer it with a bright color.

Then I would be filling up the outlines by any color I like. I used the Kuretake pens here and the Tokyo Find water pens as well then I made a drop shadow effect to highlight the texts, and that's it.

It took me less than 30 minutes to create this. However editing the video and exporting it takes more time. Enjoy the video!

Best regards,
Jean Beltran-Figues


Language: Music

Country: Philippines

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