Calligraphy Time: Give

Uploaded on Monday 19 June 2017


New day for a new Calligraphy. Today's quote was:

"Out of our needs, we give."

This was from my devotion and I was very blessed with it as it has been a reminder for me to be generous. But aside from the thought that it is only through giving that we become generous, there's also another important point where in we should give even if that's the only thing that we have.

Also, this devotional had reminded me again that when we give, we should not be declaring it for all the people to see. This is indeed understandable. I recall that I had made blogs about our donation to the children of savethechildren organization but my own reason of doing so was to encourage others to also support the cause.

I understand other people might think about it differently but then, it was my heart's desire to share and to also encourage others so hopefully that was not counted as being proud of myself.

So going back to the quote, I have shared this on my Instagram account. I usually start with making a draft for my calligraphy or lettering. Then I had selected the colors red and yellow for the shadow. Red because it creates this attention seeking effect. Then yellow to highlight it.

The pens used here are Kuretake Dual pen and a White pen from Mitsubishi. All bought from National Bookstore. This was created on an early morning since I do my devotional during that time of the day. So I had spent the entire morning before preparing for work creating this. Also, I have filmed this using my Nikon D5300 with a 17-55mm Tamron lens.

Enjoy guys! Don't forget to check my other calligraphy videos as well:

Jean Beltran-Figues


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