Calligraphy Time: It's Thursday!

Uploaded on Sunday 30 April 2017


Time again for another Calligraphy, my hobby and stress reliever. I have to also mention that when I was a little younger, I also have another hobby which is digital scrapbook. It started with the traditional one, where I have to use scrap materials and cut out whatever item I find at home, I even collect Candy Magazines so I can have idea on what specific items and layouts to make on my next project. Until I got rid of the ones I had manually created and just stick with digital where it isn't messy and that I can easily delete and redo stuffs. That was until I went to Dubai, I eventually stopped and had never made one for quite some time. I hope I can find the time to do that soon.

Today's not about Digital Scrapbook but I might be creating a blog about that soon. Today is about the calligraphy video I had posted for a specific Calligraphy morning session which I solely render in my day to day life in order for me to set my daily thoughts and compose myself as well as meditate on the book I am reading. The calligraphy stuffs which I write usually come from the book that I am reading, it is a book of encouragement and everything is about the Bible.

Anyway, this film that I have shared here is not about any quotes or Bible verses though, instead it is just the word Thursday. I remember that day when I don't want to write lon quotes instead just one word.

Thursday would then be the best word for that day. I first thought of adding Throwback but that would make me do more and I have limited time.

So this starts with me writing the draft, then outlining it then filling it with more ink to make it appear bold and some accessories - the dotted line. Of course there's flourishes too!

I hope you'll enjoy and would learn something from it.

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