Calligraphy Time: Secured and Joy

Uploaded on Sunday 30 April 2017


My daily habit is waking up early, reading a book and creating calligraphy. It has been my childhood love and that has been rekindled when the past few months. Although I have been on and off with this hobby, the notebooks, pens and brushes have always been here with me. That whenever I would like, I can write and I can create those stuffs that I wanted.

Lately, I have also started taking videos and time lapse clips of my works. Not all because sometimes, setting up the camera for recording takes a lot of time so I would rather start writing instead of setting up everything. However there are specific times as well where I can spare a few minutes to set up everything before I start writing.

Most of the time, what happens is that I have already created a draft of the calligraphy before I can realize that this needs to be filmed. That is also the reason that most of my calligraphy time videos show only those times where I am already outlining the words with black ink which is my all time favorite.

In this video, I am sharing the two sessions where I had created calligraphy. One was for the Joy one while the other is the word Secured. Most of my creation are actually derived from what I have read on the book, 365 Days for the Heart. It's a one year series of quotes and bible verses which I definitely love to start before my day kicks in that is also the reason why I write calligraphy early in the morning.

So hopefully you'll enjoy the video and I will be sharing of these in the future. For now, you can also check out my other Calligraphy video from the list below:

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Take care guys!


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