Calligraphy Time: Through the Storm

Uploaded on Thursday 25 May 2017


It's time again for a #dailycalligraphy which has been my habit and had made me want to wake up early everyday as this makes me really happy and encouraged in my daily life. These quotes which I have read on the bible and the books I have on my shelves makes me energized and continue living according to His will.

Indeed this quote "learn to sleep through the storm" has a huge impact in our lives, for me specially. There were a lot of times when we encounter battles in our lives, such battles and challenges may seem hard and impossible to overcome but God had given us the courage to be calm and just trust in His time.

Each of those times that our family had issues and problems, He had given us lessons to learn and also prepared solutions for that as long as we believe and trust in His perfect timing. Indeed as long as we put our faith in Him, we lack nothing.

This quote is timely and very important in our lives. Trusting God is sometimes simple to our minds and thinking but then acting on it may sometimes become challenging that it requires a lot of courage to leave everything to the Father's hand.

I love sharing these quotes that I have created on social media. I have instagram as my main source of medium to share them and that it makes me glad to find out that there are also a lot of other people across the globe that has reached these messages and hopefully had encouraged them too to continue living according to God's will.

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