Calligraphy Time: Trust God!

Uploaded on Sunday 30 April 2017


Grade school was when I started scribbling on my notepad for random things or stuffs going into my mind. I have a lot of notebooks with just random rants and writings and I usually throw them out after the school year ends.

Back in college, my books have a lot of writings at the pages' sides. Although it was encouraged to have clean booklets and all, I have not kept that in mind and ended up getting more and more pages with writings and lettering with random encouragements and other stuffs. It was really a physical structure of what my mind was thinking at that time.

Right now, I have tried to create a notebook with proper lettering and calligraphy art. I am still learning about modern calligraphy and acquiring pens which are helpful for this art.

In this video, I am sharing a time lapse film on the Trust God calligraphy. I was using a normal lined notebook, a mechanical pencil for the layout, I had to use a Sakura pen to create the outline and finally a brush pen for easy filling of the bold areas. For the final touch, I added accents to it with the use of a highlighter which is colored purple - my favorite color.

Hope you'll enjoy. I still have other videos posted too. You may also check them out.

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