Calligraphy Time: Work Passionately Wait Patiently

Uploaded on Tuesday 23 May 2017


Here's another video entry for my #dailycalligraphy and #dailyquotes challenge which I have set up for my self. I have posted a few of them before (link below) however, since I only have a few minutes spared for this in the morning, I don't get to take videos of the other sessions as it takes a lot of time setting up proper lighting and camera angles that stresses me out and would eventually ruin my morning, well not really but it just takes time for me to set up everything that I can't anymore focus on the art.

Today, I finally got my camera set up with a tripod. I used my Nikon D5300 with a Sigma 17-55mm lens. I only have one lamp here as it was still early morning and my husband was still sleeping so I set it up myself. But I realized I need another one or two lamps or lights to give good lighting effect on my table. Actually, I am planning to buy a bigger table which has a storage too so I can keep my pens under my table. That is only a plan but I hope to make it a reality soon.

So today's quote is "WORK passionately, WAIT patiently"

This is a quote requested by my husband, James. He said it is her new motto after reading Brother Bo Sanchez' daily newsletter. He asked for a calligraphy the night before and told him I will do so on the next morning which I did!

And guess what? It took me around an hour to finish this because of the film making. I am just glad I was not too late for work after spending a lot of time with the set up.

I normally start with a draft, then outlines it and colors it eventually. I use brush pens to color the letters as it is faster. I use the Zig and Sakura microns for this.

Hopefully, this encourages the rest to also have their own "Me" time, I do this everyday in the morning. After waking up, I get some time to read Bible verses and meditate on them. Then I create quotes or Bible verse calligraphy/lettering out of the things I read or quotes I found anywhere.

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