Casa Gorordo

Uploaded on Friday 20 October 2017


I consider this museum perhaps as my favorite one so far within Cebu. I have been to several other museums in the city but nothing has beaten how beautiful and well organized this is.

From the technology used to accompany each visitor, to the items found inside as well as with the well versed, well equipped and knowledgeable tour guide, I wouldn't ask for any other while inside Casa Gorordo.

It felt like I traveled through time and went back towards those years before the bombings during the world war II. With the help of the responsive touch screen monitor used by the tour guide to show the visitors with how the old Parian area looked like, we were able to get a glimpse of those times.

There was a theater inside as well which plays how unique and complex the Filipino houses are and what are the reasons the houses are built in such a way. The video which they played had provided the reasons and it was indeed nicely illustrated.

My favorite part perhaps of the tour was when we reached the second floor of this Tisa roofed house. The second floor has a lot of parts, there's the bedroom, ladies, couples room, kitchen, the sala, the suitor's corner and the lanai! I loved all the vintage items, the shiny wooden floors and the rest of the furniture. Everything really looked vintage.

I totally appreciate the efforts of the RAFI corporation for bringing back the beauty of Casa Gorordo. Indeed a place where one should visit if you need to know the history of Cebu and the Parian area. I learned a lot out of that short visit and I recommend it to all.

Video: James and Jean Figues
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