Celebrity Family Talk

Uploaded on Friday 24 August 2012


It is very hard to be a Hollywood star. But it may be even harder to be a family of the star. You don't want other people to remember you as XXX's son or XXX's wife. How is it like to live with a Hollywood celebrity? Hello Hollywood will tell you by the interview with 3 Hollywood stars who are at the same time, family member of bigger stars.

好莱坞明星和他们的家庭总是媒体和粉丝关心的话题。那么在明星光环下的生活是什么样的呢? 请大家收看Hello!好莱坞主持人田艺访谈好莱坞顶级明星的家庭及美国影迷对明星生活的看法。


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