Charlie Chaplin - The Circus

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The Circus is a 1928 silent film written, directed and music composed by Charlie Chaplin. The film casts are Chaplin, Al Ernest Garcia, Merna Kennedy, Harry Crocker, George Davis and Henry Bergman.

At a circus midway, the penniless and hungry Tramp (Chaplin) is mistaken for a pickpocket and chased by both the police and the real crook during the runaway to avoid the situation he enters on the middle of the circus performance and do it so well that the ringmaster of an impoverished circus hires Chaplin's to work as a clown but later he discovers that he only can be funny unintentionally so the ringmasters begins to pay him on a very poor way, but once again the little tramp got his spot and begins to do very good shows on his unintencionally manner.
The tramp makes friendship with the horse rider of a circus show called Merna (Kennedy), who was treat badly by she´s stepfather the ringmaster, because of that she informs to our little tramp that he is the star of the circus, so he makes the ringmaster pay him accordingly and manage to makes Merna have a better treatment.
On the film Merna gets an advice from a fortune teller that she sees "love and marriage with a dark, handsome man who is near you now", but she fallen in love with Rex (Crocker), the newly hired tightrope walker.
With his heart broken, the Tramp is unable to entertain the crowds.
One day the tightrope walker cannot be found for a performance, the ringmaster (knowing that the Tramp has been practicing the tight rope act in hopes of supplanting his rival) sends the Tramp out in his place given him another chance.

The film is hilarious and more things will happens, does the Tramp married Merna ? What happens with the tightrope walker ? all of that questions and funny you can see on these brillant film by the Genious Charlie Chaplin.

The production of the film was the most difficult experience in Chaplin's career it takes eight months because of inumerous problems and delays occurred, like a studio fire, the death of Chaplin's mother, another divorce of Chaplin's now from his second wife Lita Grey, taxes for internal services claimed and so on.


Language: Silent

Length: 01:08:36

Country: United States

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