Circa 1900 Casa Dos

Uploaded on Friday 25 August 2017


Nine years. That's how long James and I had been together and for this anniversary, we thought we deserve to threat ourselves for all the years of friendship. James had the best idea of going to Circa 1900 Casa Dos for a dinner.

And so on that day, we went to Circa 1900 and had a romantic dinner. It was a nice experience as there were only a few heads inside. We almost got the entire place to ourselves. But it was made extra special because the staffs were very pleasing, very accommodating and friendly most specially.

We love the food as well and almost unable to consume everything but we had to because it will go to waste if we won't. We ended up with full tummies after the dinner.

The entire experience is also in my blog which you can read here:

We spent more time at the pool area, taking photos and talking about everything under the light of the moon. It was a great night. We have been very satisfied with the experience and we'd love to dine in here in the future too.

One of my favorite spot though is their pool area but because the building is actually an ancestral home to the owners, it gives us this feels of being time traveled to the old times, in the centuries where the ladies wear Filipiniana dresses and men wear those Barongs.

The lights also gave romantic theme for the night and I won't forget that the music added flavor to the romantic night. It was a great night. Thanks Circa!



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Country: Philippines

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