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CocoRosie is a group of North American folk psyche formed in 2003, built around the duo sisters Bianca ("Coco") and Sierra ('Rosie') Casady, who make music that combines singing, gospel and pop lo-fi. Very poetic, their world is made of sounds of water, pans and toys for children. Sierra plays the guitar, flute, harp and sings. Bianca is a percussionist, sings and is very rarely the beatbox.

Unclassifiable debut album, The House of my dream, recorded in a maid's room in Montmartre, and in which are used to the sounds of the environment - the album was recorded in their bathroom because it brought a better sound than other parts (interview on Dailymotion) - caused a sensation with its soft dreamlike strangeness, and obtained a great success of esteem.

The second album, Noah's Ark, released in 2005, is made with the help of talented friends of the new indie-pop-rock. Thus, Antony Hegarty (of Antony and the Johnsons) is a remarkable appearance on the title Beautiful Boyz. We also note the presence of Devendra Banhart on the title Brazilian Sun, new leader of a current new-old-folk. There is also a great interpretation of French rapper Spleen Bears on the song.

For its part, Sierra Casady opens a parenthesis to this sisterly collaboration in 2006, creating the band Metallic Falcons accompanied Matteah including Baim (Voodoo-Label boss of Eros). There is also familiar appearances, including Antony and Devendra Banhart.

In 2007 with the release of their third album, The Adventures of Stillborn and Ghosthorse, the sisters Casady are opening their world to new influences, namely hip-hop tinged beats, where they are now more their friend and beatboxer contribution record, Tez. An album in the form of a story, they become Bloody Twins, who also refers to some aspects of contemporary society, as the title Japan, in which artists, American original, highlight the situation in Iraq. Moreover, during their passage through the French capital, at the Grand Rex, the day of the release of the album, the somewhat frayed American national anthem was met by the whole company before starting Rainbowarriors.

This album is considered by the press as a new branch in their careers. "After two albums of folk and dreamy intimate, cozy cocoon Cocorosie leaves the field for a limitless musical" Les Inrockuptibles provide 593rd in their number. In the same interview with the weekly, Bianca says she and her sister were "open to the discovery, in a state of maximum availability."


Language: French

Length: 4:00

Country: France

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