Crepis Tectorum: A Dandelion-like flower

Uploaded on Tuesday 29 November 2016


According to Wikipedia, A Crepis Tectorum, also known as "The narrow -leaved hawk's-beard, grows once every year for about 12 - 39 inches tall. It has so many flowerheads branched in every stem. It looks like a dandelion.

We have this kind of weeds in the yard. So, I was able to take photos of it everyday and discovered something interesting about this flower.

My Observation:
In the morning, the flowers open then closes when the sun is up. After few days more, the flowers starts to turn white and becomes furry. But, it can easily be blown away by the wind.

They said you can make a wish before blowing it. This is not a dandelion. lol. But I think you can do it if you want to. :)

All photos in this presentation are mine.
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