Danao Sea of Clouds

Uploaded on Friday 1 December 2017


In search for the sea of clouds meant waking up as early as possible, riding for hours to get to the exact location and of course climbing three hills to reach the top view point!

This is just a summary of what we did just to catch the sea of clouds at Danao, Bohol two weeks ago. And we were still a bit late. Indeed we need to come earlier next time and we truly believe that we will soon get the best chance to take a photo with the sea of clouds!

So to let you have a sneak peak of what we did there, I have a video to show you guys of course! Filmed by my husband and edited as well by him but he is super supportive to let me post this in bitLanders too!

I hope you'll enjoy! I promise to come back in the future and we'll be earlier!

Stay tuned for that! If you want to check out my personal blog entry about the Danao Sea of Clouds, click the link below:


Jean Beltran-Figues


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Country: Philippines

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