Daniel Yomtobian on Afghanistan's Education and Economy

Uploaded on Wednesday 14 November 2012


Daniel Yomtobian

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Advertise.com, Daniel Yomtobian is one of Internet advertising's top innovators and is a recognized expert in online marketing. Daniel began founding successful Internet companies while still in college in the mid 1990's. Daniel co-founded WayInternet and Findology, his first advertising companies, and sold his shares in 2001 to pioneer ABCSearch, which has since become the largest privately-owned pay-per-click search network. In 2008, Daniel expanded his search marketing expertise in a new direction with the launch of the exciting new social search engine; Scour.com. Scour has since gone on to win two prestigious awards: a Mashable Award and the CNET Webware 100 Award. Daniel's vision of creating a comprehensive, one-stop solution for the Internet Advertiser has come closer in 2009 with the acquisition of the brand, Advertise.com. Daniel has since rebranded ABCSearch and is in the process of building up Advertise.com into the Internet's premier marketing site. Currently, Advertise.com serves over 10 billion ad impressions each month, and is growing exponentially. Daniel is a driving force in the Internet space, and brings his cutting-edge expertise to shaping Internet advertising's unlimited future.


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