Dark Lord Day 2009!

Uploaded on Friday 17 July 2009


In the pantheon of BEER HAPPENINGS, there are a few days that stand out in the calendar from all the rest; and near the very top of that list is Dark Lord Day. With the help of a Golden Ticket, a rental car and a dream, The Happy Hour Guys find themselves in Munster Indiana, at Three Floyds Brewing Company for this festival honoring the one-day-only release of their Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout.

This truly gargantuan beer has an alcohol by volume content of 13% and in 2008 was reviewed by ratebeer.com as "the best beer IN THE WORLD". Well, with press like that, we had to be there! We expected a circus atmosphere (there were thousands in attendance), but what we didn't expect was just how downright cool everyone was. Join us for a taste of stories, homebrew swaps, games, fun, and of course some awesome beer, at Dark Lord Day 2009!


Language: English

Length: 5:18

Country: United States