Dave Franco Talks About “Warm Bodies”

Uploaded on Thursday 31 January 2013


Dave Franco, James Franco’s brother, is determined to follow his sibling’s footsteps. Not the matinee idol thing, but the Renaissance man thing. Dave, not only is pursuing acting, he also has his eyes set on becoming a director someday. He’s already made some comedy bits currently seen on FunnyAndDie.com with some clips starring his big brother James. And plus points for the actor for loving Palm Springs, my hood! In this interview, we talked about:

*** He loves The Parker – tragically hip
*** My favorite part of Warm Zombies
*** What made him want to be R’s lunch?
*** Director Jonathan Levine’s films
*** His passion to be a director – just like his brother James Franco
*** Working on the set
*** His character’s arc
*** His Funny or Die videos


Language: English

Length: 3:16

Country: United States