Death as a Character

Uploaded on Saturday 2 March 2013


Author and scientist J.J.Brown sees death as a theme in her new fiction books. Death frames many of her stories, as a natural phenomenon and a part of life.

In her first book "Death and the Dream" several stories relate to impending death of a pet or a grandmother or a child. For example, in Way to Heaven, the short story, a little girl searches for her dog, who has gone to heaven - which means crossing that boundary of death.

In the short story "Rose Death" the grandmother has a stroke in her garden and melds back into the earth. The author sees something very natural and enfolding about death.

The short film is set in Cypress Hill Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. In J.J.Brown's "Vector a Modern Love Story", a doctor faces death. It's something he doesn't understand, because most of his life he's spent trying to keep death away from the patients in his care.

Death makes life more precious. Death makes love more precious. And death makes each of our decisions more important.

J.J.Brown is the author of 5 books and numerous research articles.


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