DIY Greeting Card "Magic Window Card"

Uploaded on Tuesday 2 May 2017


Hi! I can’t believe this is my second DIY video. Haha. Sorry if I took the video too close. My phone holder keeps bending closer because of my phone’s weight. I think the neck of the holder is already broken so I need to find a more durable holder next time.

Today’s DIY is called “Magic Window Card.” You already know on my last video post that we celebrated my friend’s birthday. The night before, I made a birthday card for her but it turned out a fail (I’ll tell you later) so I decided not to give it. Anyway, let’s proceed on how to make this amazing card!

Materials: pencil, ruler, scissors, glue, thick paper similar to those of greeting cards, transparent plastic folder(or any thick transparent sheet), permanent marker, and coloring materials.

1. Measure the paper and cut the desired shape of your envelope. Make a window on one side. Leave one side open. (Do not glue the edges yet.)
2. Cut another paper of the same length as the envelope. Leave some some wings on the paper so you can glue it on the card later on. This will serve as the divider that will do the magic trick!
3. Cut another paper of the same length BUT make the side where the opened side of the card longer. Cut the same size for the transparent plastic folder. (You can use any transparent sheet for this, it’s just that only the plastic folder is available at home.)
4. Join the cut papers on #3. Glue them together on one edge with a paper. This will serve as the handle when you pull it out from the card.
5. Draw a draft of your design on the paper which is joined with the transparent sheet. Trace the drawing on the transparent paper with the permanent marker. Then color the draft you made on the paper.
6. Place the paper divider in between the transparent sheet and paper with the design, and secure/glue the flaps of the paper divider into the card.
7.Glue the remaining edges of the card to close it. Enjoy!

In my version, I made a stopper so that the paper won’t fall out from the card when pulled. I also trimmed one edge of the paper and transparent sheet so it could glide and only the bottom part would be caught in the stopper. And this is where the problem began. I think my transparent sheet is a little thin that when I put it back inside, the little part that will be caught by the stopper gets jammed before it reaches the bottom. The result? The transparent sheet curls up and I have to straighten the sheet every time I need to put it back.

I need to make a better version next time but overall I still love it. The card is indeed what it is called, magical!

Thanks for watching!


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