Each Day with You by Martin Nievera (OPM) Cover by jvanity1

Uploaded on Thursday 16 June 2016


Hello guys! This is my first cover here on bitLanders and it's an OPM cover. OPM stands for Original Pinoy (shorter word for Filipino) Music. This song is an old time classic song sung by a legendary Filipino singer named Martin Nievera.
After several days of hardwork, I finally arrived at the right video. Since this is my first time to do an official cover, I had a hard time perfecting everything and that includes my facial expressions, the way I sit, move, smile, how I should give the right feeling to the song, and everything. I thought that everything should go well with how I sing since I was only concerned with my singing skills before. But alas, at last... i think I made it.... Yey :)
Anyway guys, I'm proud to show you the product of what I've done. I hope you guys would enjoy it! :)

I also decided to put a center chair there because I think sitting there looks formal to do so. Please pardon me if ever I might not be sitting on the sofa friends. Sorry also for the rain in the middle of my performance. I was singing when it suddenly rained and I couldn't stop it, so I'm sorry...... x.x
But I still do hope you'll enjoy it! Have fun :3 Enjoy :3

Piano accompaniment source: P jaojoco (youtube.com)
Piano accompaniment link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAoqYyySLss


Language: English

Country: Philippines