Empowering Afghan Women by Sports, Esteqlal Female Football Team Training Part 1

Uploaded on Saturday 1 June 2013


Sports is not only the physical movement. It is a an inspirational and motivational source for people to compete, move on, respect and learn team work. In developing countries. Sports in Afghanistan can play a critical role especially by giving women the opportunities to be more active. This is the healthiest way to help and support Afghan women to be empowered. Although, the lack of facilities and safe space for them is a big challenge.
Esteqlal football team is the second team in the Premier League in Kabul. Film Annex has sponsored it since the 2012 football season in Afghanistan. Esteqlal female football team has started its practice under the supervision of expert trainers. It is a great start to involve women in sports.


Language: Dari

Length: 2:53

Country: Afghanistan