Eric Smith - Potrait of a genuine artist

Uploaded on Wednesday 16 January 2013


Octogenarian artist, Eric Smith, is preparing for what is intended to be his final exhibition.

Or so he says. He has been ‘preparing’ for this next exhibition for twenty years and is still not satisfied that he is ready. He is an absolute perfectionist and even at the age of 88 he still puts in a full days’ painting at his home studio. Eric is an eccentric character, bursting with enthusiasm for life with a quick mind and sharp wit to match.
Eric rose to fame in Sydney in the 1950s and 60s in the early days of the abstract art movement in Australia. His successful career saw him win the Blake prize for religious art six times, the Archibald prize three times and numerous other awards including multiple wins of the Wynne and Sulman Prizes. Over the following decades, Eric continued to be in the public eye, exhibiting regularly and continuing to win many of Australia’s most prestigious art awards. More than anything, the support of his wife, Joy, and the close bond with his large extended family has been the backbone to his stability and endurance as an artist.

Over his long career, Eric has been inspired by a variety of subject matter: religion, portraiture, daily news and the Australian landscape but he has never quite found a subject to stick with and has continued to be a searcher throughout his entire life.
As the deadline for an exhibition approaches, his family begins to fear that it may in fact never happen. Will Eric’s optimism and obstinacy win the day? Will one final art exhibition ensure his place in history?


Language: English

Length: 1:05

Country: Australia