Esteqlal Game with Pakistan

Uploaded on Saturday 4 May 2013


There was a sport competition between Echo Countries in Turkey and North Cyprus. The main goal of this competition was to share cultures and getting familiar with the different countries' traditions.

The participants from Afghanistan were 40 athletes in 7 different fields. The Afghan athletes went to Turkey on April 15, 2013 and spent time in Turkey and North Cyprus for five days.

Esteqlal Futsal Team from Afghanistan had a game with Pakistan team that had a very satisfying result. The score was 11 to 1 and Afghanistan was the winner of this match. This shows how ready they are and this result made every Afghan very happy. The result had a great effect on the team as well. It showed that the team was well-prepared and that they had enough practice.


Language: Dari

Length: 04:16

Country: Turkey