Etico Capital's Robert Fallah on G.I.V.E. and Veteran Entrepreneurship

Uploaded on Thursday 17 May 2012


Robert Fallah has more than 28 years of experience in the investment banking and financial services sector. In this video, he talks about Film Annex's Global Initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship and how important it is for us to help US Veterans as much as we can. Fallah also talks about the importance of trying to turn the negative aspects of a veteran's life, like PTSD, into positive stories and encourage them to move forward through new jobs.

More about Robert Fallah: Co-Chairman, Arjent Capital LLC, a multinational emerging growth financial services organization; Founder, CEO and Chairman for Spiderfuel, Inc, a provider of web-based software and implementation services; CEO of Silicon Island Equities, a venture capital and merchant banking firm; CEO of Robert Todd Financial Corp, a broker-dealer and small-capitalization underwriter; Co-founder and CEO of Life Group, Inc., an investment banking and financial consulting firm which went public in 1985. He studied Finance at the Adelphi University.


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