Experiencing Snow at Christmas Village

Uploaded on Wednesday 3 January 2018


Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful time last Christmas! Well, as for me, I had a great time during the holidays and I will be sharing to you some clips of the snow fall at the Christmas Village in Baguio City.

Christmas Village is owned by Baguio Country Club, a five-star hotel in Baguio City. One of its highlights is the snow fall. We only have two seasons in the Philippines and we never experience snow. This is why people flock to Christmas Village just to experience it—even though they know for a fact that it is not real.

The four huge towers at the corner that looks like a mushroom (Lol) is where the "snow" come out. The artificial snow is actually a bubble foam. After the ground has been filled with "snow", you'll later on get a smell of detergent around you. I'm just wondering, if the artificial snow hits your eye, will it sting? (Lol)

Overall, the snow fall experience is a very wonderful one. The kids love it very much as you can see on the video. Of course, the grown ups love it too!

The snow fall does not operate the entire time. There is a time interval of about 30 minutes before the machine turns on again. In between those time is when other activities take place. The machine noise you hear on the background is the sound of the snow fall machine.

(I also included a very short clip of the fireworks display from the Christmas Village while we were on our way. It's on the very beginning of the video.)

Christmas Village is open until January 7, 2018.

Thanks for watching!


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