FatCat Reel 2011

Uploaded on Wednesday 24 August 2011


FatCat Films, multidisciplinary production company, was born in 2005 in collaboration with a director and a producer. Its ambition is to serve all types of audiovisual content (fiction, documentary, commercial, reports ...), a requirement film, based on image quality and content.
Led by curiosity, FatCat Films has met the requirements of customers from fields as diverse as culture, politics, music, advertising ...
His mastery of all media TV, internet and mobile telephony, it can define a real strategy for writing, production and distribution.
For versatility, FatCat Films supports the entire creative process and technique of film and developing a suitable delivery method for optimal visibility (transmedia, proliferation of media, creating events, viral advertising ...)


Language: Silent

Length: 2min

Country: France

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