Uploaded on Thursday 17 December 2009


FEEL ME is a music video, a remix of a scene of my film 'Us' (feature film, 2003). Music by Flore and Shunda K, released at Botchit and Scarper - http://www.myspace.com/botchitandscarper

The show | club in the film and everything you see was designed and built for the film. I conceived sets, costumes, choreography, lights and every shot was prepared carefully. I also directed and edited working along with a full crew and cast. The film was shot in super 16mm.

In 2009 those images get another life in this collaboration that is also part of LONDON GROUND, a series of short films about the underground art and music scene in London now!

LONDON GROUND is a project currently in fund raising process using online platforms based on DIWO (do-it-with-others), a new way to make and support independent film making.

watch more of Claudia Tomaz's films at http://microfilmswebtv.com/


Language: English

Length: 3 min

Country: United Kingdom