Fishing in Guyana With Eddy Grant part 2

Uploaded on Friday 7 February 2014


Eddy Grant (Electric Avenue, Gimme Hope Jo Ana, I Don’t Wonna Dance..) is legendary music star who lives in Barbados, but was born in Guyana and he is my friend for decades. He never fished and I never have been in Guyana, so we made a compromise: Eddy and I will fish in Guyana together. From Barbados we flew to Georgetown, capitol city of Guyana and from there we explored beauty of this beautiful South American country. We visited one of the most exciting Rupununi River and fished for …piranhas! Big ones, up to 6 pounds. During our trip we’ve met very interesting people. It was also quite exciting to fly on a small aircraft to the wildness of Guyana.


Language: English

Length: 4:21

Country: Serbia