Frezzi Hand Held Lighting Kit

Uploaded on Wednesday 22 December 2010


Frezzi's Hand Held Camera Support Lighting Kit for ENG and videography and DSLR. Features fully adjustable Camera Support Arm, Power Block Light and Camera Battery, Dimmer Mini-Fill light with 8W LED (5000K) and 35W Quartz (3200K). Get the best of both worlds LED for long run time and daylight color balance, and the warmth, golden skin tones from Tungsten. Shoot Smooth and Steady with this new kit. Options are Wireless Support Arm and multiple light modifiers.

Extremely balanced rig with two hands to stabilize shot and reduce hand strain so you can shoot longer. Tripod mountable and fully adjustable handle. 3 additional accessories shoes for LCD monitor, wireless, etc.

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Language: English

Length: 2:47

Country: United States

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