Frozen rose - short film of love and infidelity

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"Frozen Rose" a short film directed by Marc Nadal.
Year: 2011. Drama.
Cast: Jesús Sesma, Alba Ferrara and Christian Guiriguet.

The passage of time and monotony, a marriage between opposite ends to create an unbridgeable distance. He has formed a stable life and hates his wife repeatedly and fight with all means at its disposal to change. A struggle of resistance that creates terrible situations.

Short film starring Jesús Sesma, Espectáculos Tauro founder and star of the short film "Therapy", Alba Ferrara, star of the film "A criminal history" of Joseph Duran, and Christian Guiriguet actor who has made several short films and appeared in television series. Written and directed by Marc Nadal.


Language: Spanish

Length: 42:52

Country: Spain

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