Garbage Clothes - An experimental fashion film

Uploaded on Sunday 29 January 2012


We had a extra day of studio, equipment and an idea. From Rogerio Espirito Santo came the concept that he could offer to us clothes that were made of plastic more specifically from garbage plastic. we decided that we would do something black & white and created a tense atmosphere contrasting with our desire to do a different fashion look film.

Art -Renato Machry
Styling- Rogerio Espirito Santo
Model - Martha Streck
Make up & Hair -Lavoisier Souza
Executive Producer-Rodrigo Crespo
Directors- Eduardo Rezende & John Valle
Photography-Eduardo Rezende& John Valle
Ass Cam -Felipe Barbosa/Leandro Bugni/Frederico Borba/Cristiano Texeira
Post Production - John Valle & Eduardo Rezende


Language: Silent

Length: 02:46

Country: Brazil