Gemango Goes to Kalanggaman Island

Uploaded on Saturday 15 April 2017


It's this time of the year where swim wears, rash guards and sun block lotions are out again. Aha! Summer is here and where's the best place to go? Of course, the beach!

This year, Gemango Software Services Inc. goes to Kalanggaman Island! This island features a marvelous sand bar that stretches like a wing's bird thus called Kalanggaman which is a Bisaya term of bird.

Actually, this was just a plan made by Chris and I. We thought of going to Kalanggaman only by ourselves until the other colleagues joined in and without us knowing, all of us were in in this out of town summer get away. Just perfect for us to get our bodies burnt under the sun but before the date set, there were rains and storms coming into Cebu City. Gladly, the mighty sun shone and there was light and there was sun burn too!

This video shows the scenes of Kalanggaman Island, our faces as we were on the boat on our way to the island from Maya Port of Daanbantayan town and the cool tent we pitched as well as the jumpshots we took for a couple of times and a lot more.

I do hope you'll enjoy this film. How's summer there in your place? This is just the fist summer outing for me, there will be more to come in the next weeks! Happy summer 2017.

Video taken and edited by: James Figues
Audio: Sun_s_Rise by Silent Partner and Happy Mandolin by Media Right Productions from YouTube Audio Library

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