Glenn Laumeister on Mentoring in Developing Countries with Mentorra

Uploaded on Wednesday 2 October 2013


In this film, Glenn Laumeister speaks about mentoring in Developing Countries with Mentorra.

Glenn Laumeister is a New York City based serial Entrepreneur and CEO. Glenn began his career working in sales and marketing for General Motors in Germany. After moving back to the United States he discovered the Internet and began launching new businesses for CUC International (now Cendant) that included an Internet car buying site starting all the way back in 1996. Glenn continued to focus on consumer Internet business building over the next few years while working at, and idealab.

While at idealab in 2001 Glenn co-founded an E-commerce company for consumer electronics, computer and appliance replacement parts and grew it from an idea to over $75m in annual revenue in 2009. Glenn has now launched in total four E-commerce related companies and has recently started, an online marketplace for career mentoring.

Mentorra’s mission is to make easy for anyone to connect with experienced industry professionals for personalized career insight, information and advice.

Glenn graduated from Colgate University with a BA in International Relations and German, and from the Thunderbird School of International Management with an MBA in International Marketing.


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