GoPro Underwater Test (2011)

Uploaded on Tuesday 13 September 2011


Just got my GoPro HD and wanted to test it in the underwater housing. It looks pretty soft underwater, i don't know if thats because it has trouble auto focusing underwater or maybe thats just how it looks but its pretty crisp as soon as you come out of the water.

Actually did some research in to this and its because of the underwater housing having a curved bit of glass for the lens but you can get a flat bit for around $40 which should fix the problem.

Its a really good little camera to have and a margin at only $300, gonna try some more 60fps stuff with it and also just got a suction mount so hopefully try out some stuff with that to.

But really happy with it so far its a great bit of kit! :-) plus you can get most accessories for under $40 like a suction mount and body mount.



Language: Silent

Length: 00.56

Country: United Kingdom