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Hanamichi sakuragi is male. He have a height 189.2cm. the hair of sakuragi is color red. That why other person call red monkey. He is a 1st year and the position in basketball is power forward. The jersey number of sakuragi is number 10.
This the story of hanamichi sakuragi the trouble maker. Sakuragi is always rejected to many girls. But when he meets haruko akagi a lovely and friendly fan girl of basketball. That’s why hanamichi sakuragi fell in love immediately.
Haruko encourage sakuragi to join the team of shohoku basketball team. Hanamichi is did not know how to play basket ball. He is also very short tempered, arrogant and aggressive. He also call himself as a genius basketball player. He also call himself a rebound king. Sakuragi has a habit of making fun to all other players by giving their names. He call akagi as a gorilla or gori. Uozumi as a boss monkey. Kiyota as a wild monkey. Maki as a uncle or senior. Masahiro as a totem pole. Masashi kawata as a bald gori. Mikio kawata as a meatball. Miyamasu as a alien and fujima as a substitute.the only one who was not given name is kaede rukawa. Kaede rukawa is the number one enemy of sakuragi in basket ball and haruko heart.
Sakuragi really excellent his jumping , speed and power. Sakuragi have a lot of training came to him. Dribble, passing, lay-up, rebound,dunk and shooting. Coach Ansai give also sakuragi 20,000 thousand jump shot in a week. sakuragi he has become a fully realized basketball palyer and is now considered a player that shohoku cannot afford to lose with just 4 months.


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