Happy New Year 2017!!!

Uploaded on Saturday 28 January 2017


Hello! A wonderful and prosperous 2017 to all! For my first video entry for this year, I will share to you a spectacular fireworks display I witnessed last holiday. Better late than never, they said. (Haha!)

Last evening of December 23, my friend and I together with my mom and brother went to Robinsons Place Pangasinan to shop some clothes for my mom. My friend was with us because we just have been from an overnight from our other friend’s house and this friend whom I was with can't make it to the last trip of the bus that has a route to her home. And so she’s spending an overnight with us.

Now going back, it was a coincidence that the fireworks display was on that day and will exactly begin upon our arrival, and so we waited at the parking lot together with the huge crowd. There was also a holiday-themed background music to keep the people from getting impatient. We stood for about five minutes waiting for the sky to be painted with colors. Then upon the signal of the emcee, we made a ten-second countdown. I wasn’t able to fully take a video of the countdown but I hope you heard at the beginning of the video where everybody shouted “one!”

It was fun and an amazing feeling witnessing a fireworks display up close. I usually only see them from afar when I’m at our rooftop but seeing it very close is the best experience ever. Plus, it was special because I’m seeing it with my family and friend. You could see on the video how crazy we are, even laughing and chanting “wow” like those little kids behind us. (Can you help me count how many “wow” were mentioned on the video? Haha!)

I am looking forward again this year for the mall’s fireworks display. Actually, a lot of malls here in our country do Christmas and New Year fireworks display. Indeed, it’s more fun in the Philippines!

Thanks for watching!


"Carpe Diem" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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