Hard Soul - Meet Erin Grimm

Uploaded on Monday 20 May 2013


Upstate New York's own Hard Soul made their debut in late 2011, showcasing their own take of what guitar-driven rock n’ roll music should be all about. The group, consisting of lead guitarist & vocalist Johnny Salka, drummer Justin Cheever, guitarist Nick Kossor, and keyboardist Erin Grimm, channels the guitar & lyrical stylings of Thin Lizzy, the hooks of The Beatles, the emotion of Oasis, and the sheer volume and groove of Led Zeppelin. From humble beginnings as an acoustic rock duo performing in bars, coffee houses and music venues across the northeaster US the band honed their live performances, cultivating both acoustic and electric guitar-driven songs that forged their straight-forward rock n' roll sound. The band released their second EP 'Seize the Year' on February 26th, 2013.


Language: English

Length: 1:10

Country: United States