Hide Away Grove Resort

Uploaded on Thursday 31 August 2017


When James and I went to Bantayan Island again three weeks ago, we thought of staying in a secluded area of the island to experience what that part looked like. I actually want somewhere which is still near the beach shore but without much people.

True enough, we found Hide Away Grove Resort which was around 10-15 minutes away from the main Santa Fe, where most of the establishments and famous resorts are located in Bantayan.

The resort however was unlike what I had expected, perhaps it was because it was still off season that there were lots of sea grasses, dead ones which have been drifted to the shore line which made the sea shore a bit dirty. Then when we woke up in the morning, there was no sunrise because the sky looked like it was about to rain. However, to our surprise, we saw a lot of cows being dragged by the locals into the sea.

It was my first time to see cows swimming in the sea though. Then there's one local who was giving his cow some sea water to drink! I was shocked but then I don't know what's the reason behind it, the only thing I know was that I won't be going into the beach at all.

Here's a video then of how the resort looked like. It's just a compilation of all the clips we have taken, nothing special. But hopefully you'll still enjoy it.

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