How a blog gets reviewed?

Uploaded on Wednesday 7 June 2017


Hello, friends,

A simple video is presented to you; it is about bitlanders reviewed blog posts. In this video, I would like to tell you how you will receive notifications and comments while getting your blog reviewed.

A blog on bitlanders consists of images, text and video combination. The blog is submitted by users to the editorial team for review and after some days it is reviewed and the result is shown on the user profile. The blog may get additional buzz bonuses and rewards depending on the quality and submitted content. The blog is further posted on other user’s timeline so that they can check it.

Bitlanders is an amazing social media site which gives you rewards in bit-miles loyalty points depending on your blogs. You have to write and submit quality content such as blogs and videos to get paid.

This simple video is created for new comers who don’t know how a blog gets reviewed. Hope this video will tell them clearly about it.

Thanks for watching my video clip.

Happy blogging on bitlanders.




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