How NATO gets tanks across rivers

Uploaded on Thursday 25 October 2018


How does NATO get tanks across rivers when bridges are not an option?

The 9th Armoured Brigade, part of Germany’s 1st Armoured Division, under the operational control of 1 German-Netherlands Corps, use M3 amphibious rigs to transport armoured vehicles across the Weser River near Eystrup, Germany. Germany will lead NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) in 2019, and will be responsible for its quick deployment anywhere that NATO may need it. This exercise was a warm-up for that role.

The VJTF is NATO’s quick reaction force, made up of over 5,000 troops ready to move within two to five days.

The ability to move forces and equipment across borders is a big priority for NATO. The Alliance works on this with its members, as well as with the European Union.

Footage includes various shots of the equipment and process used to cross the river.


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