How to make hair bow in 7 minutes

Uploaded on Monday 12 March 2018


This is an easy step to make your own hair bow. I follow many tutorial from pinterest and this is my way after I try several time to make the hair clip.

This is the stuff that you need :
1. Fabric ( You can use old t-shirt or you can buy a new one)
2. Hair clip (I use the small one, 6-7 cm)
3. Double tape (this is my way to make it easier)
4. Glue (You need to use glue for fabric, in my country the name is "lem fox")
5. Scissor
6. Ruler

I remember the first time I made the hair clip and that takes me almost 1 hour for one hair clip and if you try this step, I think you can save the time and do it only 7 minutes.

Please ask me if you want to ask something and I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching.



Language: English

Country: Indonesia