How to Use Bitlanders through easy step ......Video Tutorial

Uploaded on Friday 6 May 2016


Hey guys , This is Wayeez , Hope you all are fine .......
In my last blog you see my experience with today i will tell you how to use it , for new users i made a video tutorial so they easily understand the key features of this site.......let's see what points are performing in this video
1) Daily Quests
Read 5 blogs
Watch 5 Movies
Check out the offers
Bring a Friend
2) How to Upload Your Stuff
3) Global Chat
Hillary Survey Chat
Micky Introduction
Bitlanders Questing
each answer will be rewarded by 30 BM
4) Shop
5) My Rewards
You can go to Settings and check your orders and account balance as well.You can also view all account details in it as well.
6) Withdrawal Options/Payment Method
There are 2 different ways to Withdraw you earning
7) BitMiles
The Video shows that what is bitmiles and how it works , you can easily check their daily and new promotions and offers from Bitlanders and also your account activity , You can also buy Gift Cards as well.
8) Leaderboard
Leaderbaord shows us who is in Top positions and what is their daily earning , buzz score defines how's fast your daily earning is and also the value of your earning.
for more information you can visit FAQS in settings option ,here you can see all the answers about this site like Buzz Score, Content, Withdraw, Online Store, Account & Profile etc.

Hope this video really helps to use this site as these are the key features of this site and quick guide as well ......for more videos please subscribe me and check my latest blogs and videos
Hope you guys enjoy the video time i will come with a new informative video ....Byeeeeeeeee


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Country: Pakistan