Ica Land of the Supernatural

Uploaded on Saturday 5 September 2009


This documentary is about a little known part of Peru in the region known as ICA where witchcraft and the supernatural are everyday occurrences .
We are telling the tale of four different experiences .We will visit the cemetery , where legend has , Sarah Ellen walks by moonlight. She came to Peru in the 19th century from England and this mysterious figure was thought to be a vampire and is now considered a cult figure.
Another place is the village of Cachice where everyone practices witchcraft and they are afraid of the daylight. We will show a young girl of fourteen practicing her magic. She is from a famous family of witches.
The House of the Devil is an intriging story of the remains of a mansion built in the sixties by a couple of foreigners . It sits high on
a hill on a lonely road . It is believed to be haunted and legend has it
the couple performed rituals with the Devil.


Language: Spanish

Length: 47.51 minutes

Country: Peru