IGI 2 Covert Strike - HD Mission # 11 - The AirField - Part 3

Uploaded on Wednesday 30 April 2014


In previous part #7, Jach Priboi's got his data but when he checked his files and harddisk, he shouted and said to jones that Zaleb taken all the files. Priboi's shows his anger and said he will show Zaleb to what happens when somebody steals from Jach Priboi! soon he'll get all the data from Zaleb's dead hand. Jach take jones to major said's airbase, and give an offer to jones to help him and get your data back. He pointed at the airbase and said there is his helicopter too. Get his chopper and we will both get what we want. Jach warned him to be careful because major said's some of the best men are guarding his goods and ordered him chopper must be refueled .... jones goes to the airbase and what happens next? just watch all the parts of mission#11 "The Airfield" :)


Language: English

Length: 3:03

Country: Pakistan