IGI 2 Covert Strike - Mission # 10 - Priboi's Villa - Part 4

Uploaded on Monday 28 April 2014


After escaping in the truck from jail, Priboi's was unable to run again. Priboi's caught one bullet in his leg and said jones to ride. In the way trucks engine blew up. Priboi said he dont wanna go with him, he should go alone to his villa, and told him about the major SAID's who took him and take control the villa, probably there many guards too. Jones worried about and said "you are telling me this now?" then priboi said this is the right time to inform you so go alone turn off the security cameras first, find and take his shipping papers and a copy of hard disk, take his luxury ride limousine back with him and be careful. Jones go there, Major SAID's guards resist a little bit but jones come over them. Just watch all the parts for more details :)


Language: English

Length: 3:17

Country: Pakistan