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Uploaded on Sunday 13 September 2009


Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today the North American launch of inFAMOUS. Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, the critically-acclaimed team behind the popular Sly Cooper series, inFAMOUS debuts as the first superhero action-adventure exclusively for the PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system. Featuring a contemporary graphic novel narrative set within a richly interactive and organic living city, inFAMOUS allows players to experience what it is like to become a modern day superhero who must learn to master newfound superpowers that evolve based on decisions made within the game.

inFAMOUS immerses players in the unsettled world of Cole MacGrath, an ordinary guy turned superhero following a massive explosion that gifts him with extraordinary powers. Since the blast, Empire City, a once thriving metropolis, is now fueled by drugs, crime, and poverty and innocent citizens are disappearing into the darkness. Cole, determined to find out what happened to Empire City and to unlock the deep connection to the electrical energy that has transformed him, embarks on a journey to fight the rampant gangs and uncover the truth of who really is behind the blast.

“We’re all huge comic and graphic novel fans at Sucker Punch, and our goal with inFAMOUS was to create a superhero game where the story was shaped through the hands of the player,” said Nate Fox, Game Director, Sucker Punch Productions. “The gameplay was designed so that the player has substantial choices, and these choices in turn influence what happens within the game. We’re anxious to see how players will take to the challenge of whether to mold Cole into the greatest hero or anti-hero of all time.”

Featuring a six-level karma system that monitors Cole’s every move, moment-to-moment actions and pivotal karma moments are presented throughout the storyline and rewarded with upgrades that affect Cole’s heroic or villainous abilities and boost his powers. Players will create their own narrative within Empire City, which is designed as a deep, dynamic playground primed for urban exploration. Players have the freedom to explore utilizing a sophisticated, intuitive climbing system that allows them to scale the entire cityscape and traverse nearly any surface, whether it's the face of a skyscraper or a dilapidated tenement building. In addition, rather than being limited to the gridlock in the city streets, as Cole, players can scale tall buildings, run across the rooftops, and slide across telephone or electrical wires.

As players search for the truth behind Empire City’s destruction, inFAMOUS seamlessly blends open-world and story-based gameplay with over 100 primary and side missions. While side missions are not required to complete the game, they are crucial gameplay components as players can take back parts of the city from various gangs. Side missions also allow players to unravel parts of the storyline and shape the environment around them, as well as provide the ability to unlock experience point rewards. In addition to extensive side missions, inFAMOUS features a huge level of replayability with the separate paths of good and evil, as well as a robust trophy and stunt list.


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